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How do I read email?
To send and receive email through Domainnameshop, there are two things that must be done:

1. Your email account must be created in the control panel at
Once your account is created, note the username and password, and the new email account must then be associated with one or more email addresses, so it actually comes mail into the account. How you create email accounts and email addresses in the control panel are described in greater detail here.

2. You must choose how you want to read email
Once you have been assigned a username and password, you can choose between two different ways of reading email:

  1. Webmail: Webmail is a simple and convenient way to read email if you're on the go and need to check your email from random machines (eg. Internet-cafes). All you need is a web browser, but the functionality that you get with webmail is very limited compared to a thoroughbred email client (IMAP or POP3). Read more about webmail here.
  2. Email Program (IMAP or POP3) : This is the preferred way for reading email, and the one we recommend for everyday use. Read more about the setup of the most common email applications here.

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