DNS and WWW forwarding

We have created a "package" with the most common services that our users want. This package comes free of charge with all new domain registrations, includes both advanced DNS administration and www forwarding, and lets you delegate email for the domain to your own MX servers. Everything is managed using the user-friendly control panel on our web pages. Note! Email accounts and email forwarding are not included in this package. If you need this, you should order our email service instead. If you also need disk space for web pages on our server, you should check out our web hotels.

Say you have registered the domain With DNS and www forwarding for this domain, you get access to an advanced web-based control panel for easy administration of:

  1. Unlimited number of DNS pointers: You can create an unlimited number of subdomains and decide where to point them (e.g. -> You can point to IP addresses (A records) and other subdomains (CNAME records). Our DNS administration tool also supports IPv6 (AAAA records) in addition to NS, MX, SRV and TXT records.

  2. Unlimited number of www forwardings: You can set up that is to be forwarded to your current web page, that may be located on You choose whether to keep in the address bar of the browser (cloaked forwarding) or to show the address of the web page forwarded to (regular forwarding).

  3. Delegation of email to own MX servers: You can specify which MX servers should handle email for

ProductSetup feeThereafter
DNS and WWW forwarding$0.00$0.00
DNS and www forwarding are free of charge for our customers. In addition you will have to pay the yearly fee for the domain itself.

How to order DNS and WWW forwarding

  • DNS and WWW forwarding for new domain: Register the domain here and check for DNS and WWW forwarding in step 2.
  • DNS and WWW forwarding for existing domain registered with us: Log in with your username and password and go to "Order upgrade", bottom right on the page.
  • DNS and WWW forwarding for existing domain registered with another registrar: Order at our transfer page.